"Tanzania, is no doubt, a great place to invest in Africa today. There are unlimited investment and business opportunities which you are invited to explore.

For over the past decade we have put in place the most conducive investment environment you can think of. We have flung our doors wide open for anyone interested to bring his money and do business with us in Tanzania. There are no restrictions or preconditions attached. You just bring your capital, Technology and Management Skills, and you do business.

In addition, Tanzania is a gateway to six landlocked countries in Eastern and Central Africa. It provides natural access to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi and Uganda. Investing in Tanzania therefore gives you the advantage and opportunity to access markets in all these countries. On behalf of the People of Tanzania, I extend a warm Welcome!"


Dr. John Pombe Magufuli
President of the United Republic of Tanzania



Tanzania posses vast natural resources and is endowed with unique comparative advantages thus offering exceptionally attractive opportunities to investors.

After three decades of a centrally planned and staterun economy, Tanzania has now privatised state-owned business enterprises and liberalised all spheres of economic activity and put in place a business-friendly environment backed by enabling legislation and facilitative frame-work..


Available Investment Opportunities

  1. Manufacturing Industries

    Agro-based industries, food processing and beverages, general processing and canning, textiles and leather goods, steel and metal engineering, cement and ceramics, electrical and electronic engineering, printing and publishing, pharmaceuticals, processing and canning of fish and other marine products, fishnets, packaging, bottles and glassware, paints and automotive engineering.
  2. Petroleum and Mining

    Exploration and production of oil and gas, gold, diamonds, gemstones including tanzanite, base metals and a host of other minerals. Tanzanite is a precious gem found only in Tanzania.
  3. Construction

    Hotels and other tourist accommodation, residential houses, commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial sheds, estates and factory buildings, roads and economic infrastructure, schools, hospitals, water supply and other social infrastrusture.
  4. Transport

    Road and rail haulage, coastal and inland water-ways shipping, air charters and domestic & regional airlines.
  5. Transit Trade

    All activities relating to transit of goods to neighbouring countries, and to the reexport of goods.
  6. Computers and Hightech Industries

    Activities relating to the manufacture, assembly, marketing, servicing, utilisation, and human resources development in computers and information technology and related fields.
  7. Agriculture

    Export oriented large scale production of cotton, coffee, cocoa, tea, sisal, tobacco, pyrethrum, coconuts, wheat, cashew nuts, cloves, palm oil, sugar, castor oil, gum arabica, essential oils, fruits & vegetables, cardamom and other spices, fresh cut flowers etc. Production of food crops such as rice, maize, barley and other cereals, beans, peas and pulses, plantains, cassava, potatoes etc..
  8. Livestock Production

    Heifer breeding, dairy farming, beef ranching sheep and goat keeping, piggery and poultry raring, bee-keeping, domestic pets, etc.
  9. Natural Resources

    Forestry, fishing and fish farming, game cropping for commercial purposes, wildlife ranching.
  10. Tourism

    Operation of tourist hotels, lodges and related services, restaurants, tour operators, photography, etc.


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