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Ordinary/Tourist Visa (Single Entry Visa) - This visa is issued at any Tanzanian embassy. It grants tourists/visitors the authorization to enter the country through designated entry points on the border, through airports and harbour stations. However, a person coming from a country with no access to a Tanzanian embassy or where it is reasonably distant shall be issued a visa at the entry points in Tanzania. The Single Entry Visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

Business Visa - The business visa is issued for various reasons such as making feasibility studies, establishing professional and business contacts, and making arrangements for investments. The validity of the visa can vary from one month to twelve months. The fees for the visa are determined administratively, so it is advised that prospective investors consult the appropriate authorities before making application for such visas.

Multiple Entry Visa - Foreigners who, because of their business or investments, need to make frequent visits to the United Republic of Tanzania are issued multiple entry visas. Their validity ranges from one month to a year with up to three entries in the country. Applications for multiple-entry visas are usually submitted by local contacts on behalf of the applicants. 

*** If the applicant is required to return to Tanzania more than three times within 12 months a letter from the local contact in Tanzania must be submitted to custom authorities.

Referred Visa - The referred visa is one that requires special clearance or permission from the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services in Dar es Salaam or the Commissioner of Immigration in Zanzibar. This type of visa is required for individuals from specified countries and/ or categories. People affected by this regulation may make enquiries at the nearest Tanzania mission abroad.

Transit Visa - A transit visa is a permission to cross Tanzania from one entry point to another and is for people whose purpose in entering Tanzania is simply to pass through without visiting. It is issued for a maximum of two weeks. There is no special clearance required for this visa except for those specified VISA REQUIREMENTS. The transit visa is issued only to people with onward tickets, sufficient funds for the crossing in Tanzania, and an entry visa for the country of destination (or any proof that prior arrangements have been made that satisfy this requirement).



1. A complete visa application form. (PDF);

2. Passport with at least 6 months validity;

3. 2 (two) passport size photograph( 5x7  size)  recent;

4. Proof of travel plans (Flight Itinerary, Ticket, Tour Operator Package Receipts, ticket of hotel accommodation) to and from Tanzania.

5. Immunization against Yellow Fever – send a copy of the vaccination yellow certificate.

6. Visa fees:

        From December 27 2017 the new visa rates will be as follows:

Single Entry -  R$165,00 ( One hundred sixty five Brazilian reais) - one entry in the country in a period up to 90 days (3 months) from the date of issue;

Multiple Entry 
 R$ 330,00 (Three hundred thirty Brazilian Reais) - up to three entries in a period up to 12 months (1 year);

Business Visa: R$ 825,00 ( Eight hundred twenty five Brazilian reais);

*** An extra of R$ 65,00 ( sixty five Brazilian reais) is charged for ALL visa rush services, which takes maximum 2 business days . 

*** Regular visa services take up to 7 business days.

*** We encourage all applicants to send their documents for the visa with at least 30 days from their travel.  


7. Budget available for your stay (copy of a bank statement updated);

8. Forms of payment Bank deposit (Banco do Brasil, Agency number 1606-3, Account No. 56236-X).

Send the copy of the payment receipt attached with all documents.

9. The Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania wishes to inform visa applicants that from 1st July, 2017, the Embassy has changed the means of payments for visa fees. All visa applicants are kindly advised to deposit visa fees through the Embassy Account at Banco do Brasil, Agency Number 1606-3, Account No. 56236-X. The deposit slip has to be attached with visa applications forms and submitted to the Embassy. For those applicants who will visit the Embassy they will pay visa fee through Visa or Debit cards. It is important to note that the Embassy is no longer accepting visa fee in cash.

10. A sufficiently stamped self-addressed envelope to facilitate return of passport by the most secured mail.

Embaixada da República Unida da Tanzânia no Brasil
SHIS QI 09 Conj. 16 Casa 20
Brasília - Distrito Federal

11. Letter stating the reasons for the trip to Tanzania. In case of tourism travel, letter written by the applicant to the visa himself/herself, exposing the reason for the trip. In case of business trip, letter from the company stating the reasons and activities of the trip.

12. Proof of budget available for your stay in Tanzania/Zanzibar through Bank Statement

13. The visa for diplomatic passports is free, upon presentation of a letter.



About Visa: Consequences of non-compliance regarding the visa. Follow the link:

Parental Approval for Minors: Visa applications for minors under 18 years, should be accompanied with a notarized letter, jointly signed by parents or legal guardians approving the minor to travel.

Business or Professional Engagement Visa applications MUST be supported by a Letter of Invitation from a Tanzanian counterpart or a Letter of Intent for the same purpose by the sending institution.

Visas for Research and Journalism will only be granted after the applicant has been cleared by The Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and Tanzania Information Services (MAELEZO) respectively


P.O. BOX 4302, Dar es salaam -Tanzania
TEL: 255-22-27O.0750/ 270.0745
FAX: NO. 255-22-275313

P.O. BOX 9142, Dar es salaam -Tanzania
TEL:255-22-211-0585/ 212.2771/ 211.2860,
FAX:255-22-211-3814/ 211-6474


NO Visa is required for nationals of the following countries:
Botswana, Gambia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kenya, Leshoto, Malawi, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Referred Visas are required for nationals of the following countries:
Afghanistan, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Equiatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Lebanon, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Palestine, Refugess and Stateless individuals, Senegal, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzten, and Sri Lanka.



  • Vaccination against cholera and malaria is recommended;
  • Yellow fever vaccination is required for ALL persons from yellow fever endemic countries/regions;
  • All individuals in transit for 12 hours or more and/or who leave the immediate airport vicinity in a yellow fever endemic area are required to get vaccinated;
  • All individuals from yellow fever endemic regions traveling by way of air, marine and land are required to get vaccinated.



  • Pet licenses/ certificates are required when traveling with pets to Tanzania.


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